Waydex Services is a full-service provider of pipeline and facility construction and maintenance to the oil and gas industry in Northern Alberta and British Columbia.

We retain highly qualified tradespeople and equipment operators, and a fleet of modern, well-maintained equipment that can be quickly mobilized to deliver efficient and cost-effective services for our clients.

Our quality control program is certified under ABSA and Technical Safety BC.

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Facility Construction

Waydex Services has the personnel and equipment required to fabricate and install all forms and sizes of leases, wellsites, plants and facilities for our clients in the midstream and upstream oil and gas industry including:

  • Single and multi-well facilities
  • Compressor stations
  • Oil batteries
  • Pumpjack installations
  • Separators
  • Dehydration units
  • Line heaters
  • Meter stations
  • Skid packages
  • Plant and facility expansions
  • Piping modifications

We also have the equipment and personnel required to build access roads and lease sites for these facilities.

We can work directly with our clients during through the design, construction, and commissioning phases of facility construction to ensure the entire process is completed efficiently and seamlessly.

Modular Construction and Installation

Waydex Services provides modular construction services including fabrication and installation of pipe and equipment modules. We employ world-class tradespeople and utilize several acres of construction yard space to build small and medium-scale modular units to client specifications. We pre-assemble modular units to ensure they can be installed in the field with no re-work.

  • Pipe rack modules
  • Pig barrel modules

Modular construction can be utilized to reduce costs and construction time on small, medium, or large-scale projects. We can also work directly with our clients during the design, construction, assembly, and commissioning phases of modular construction projects to ensure the entire process is efficient and seamlessly integrated into existing process and production infrastructure.

Facility Maintenance

Waydex Services can provide facility and plant maintenance services for turnarounds and as-needed maintenance projects including:

  • Facility and plant maintenance turnarounds
  • Daily facility and plant maintenance crews
  • Temporary and permanent facility and plant modifications
  • Commissioning and start-up support
  • Well abandonment

Our maintenance and turnaround crews are available for day or night shifts, and have experience meeting tight scheduling deadlines.  Crews can also be supplied with high torque and torque mapping capabilities.

Pipe Insulation, Utilidor and Oilfield Buildings

Waydex Services provides full-service mechanical pipe insulating, oilfield buildings and utilidors for commercial and industrial applications.  Our insulating team has a wide range of experience to handle any kind of industrial pipe insulation or building requirement.

Combined with our pipe fabrication capabilities, we offer a turn-key solution to skid package manufacturing for oil and gas applications.

  • Polyurethane panel buildings
  • Self-framer buildings
  • Utilidors
  • Mechanical pipe insulation
  • Reusable insulation covers
  • Skid packages

Pipeline Construction

Waydex Services is a full-service provider of all aspects of pipeline construction, specializing in pipe diameters up to twelve (12) inch including:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • FlexPipe / FlexSteel / FlexCord
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • CORE Linepipe

Our team has a wide range of experience, ranging from conventional and non-conventional oil and gas to source and disposal water pipelines, as well as a number of coating applications including YJ, YJ2K, epoxy, and insulated pipelines.

We have completed a number of projects through various terrain, including muskeg and swampy areas, farmland, and remote locations, as well as experience in completing major crossings, such as highways, corridors, and watercourses.

Clients have relied on our experience in challenging pipeline construction applications, such as difficult terrain, working close to active pipelines on existing rights of way, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity

Waydex Services has extensive experience in pipeline maintenance including:

  • Pipeline pigging
  • Inhibitor runs
  • Smart pigging and inline inspection
  • Integrity digs
  • Excavation, repair, and reconstruction
  • Liner pulls
  • Pipeline abandonment
  • Right of way reclamation and remediation